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Do you have patients who experience persistent hip or groin pain? Hip problems and pain affect countless people under the age of 50, but they donít need to limit the lifestyle of your patients.

Hip joint

If you have patients who have had to give up running, playing football, tennis or golf because of hip pain, or related groin pain which can often be a sign of problems with the hip joint, there are treatments that can cure the pain and restore lost hip function.

Read on to learn more about diagnosing hip pain and when to refer patients to an orthopaedic surgeon with a special interest in the hip. You can also learn about hip arthroscopy, a form of keyhole surgery that is widely available and an important treatment option for those patients experiencing persistent hip or groin pain that doesnít respond to rest, physiotherapy or medication. Hip arthroscopy is less invasive than traditional open hip surgery and is often performed as a day-case and may require a shorter stay in hospital compared to traditional open hip surgery.